Workout Drinks and Nutrition


In an upcoming video, I’ll discuss my quick fix for fueling your workouts when you almost missed it!

This is typical in my busy life as I try to cram in all of my responsibilities.

Instead of blowing off my workout because it got too late and I should be eating, I simply consume pre-workout nutrition bring my blood sugar back up, so I still benefit from a workout. These include pre-workout drinks; recovery drinks; small, easily digestible protein snacks, and light fruit.

Pre-Workout fuel options:

  1. FOODS: Eat SMALL bites of quick-digesting foods. I mean like a bite This is important for your body to actually digest foods when it needs to be fed. Foods take metabolic energy to process where drinks take much less. But your body will feel satiated and sustained for a longer period if you have something solid for it to digest. Give yourself at lease a half hour to digest before getting your heart rate up if you eat a solid food snack before exercise.
    * Hard Boiled Egg
    * Chunk of Wild Grilled Salmon!
  2. Workout Food Supplements:
    * Isagenix Protein Bar, or…
    * Isagenix Protein Wafers
  3. Workout Drinks: Prepare a workout drink to fuel your body as it expends calories.
    * P90X Recovery Drink. This contains fast absorbing carbs and creatine to pump energy directly into your muscles and replace glycogen immediately.
    * Isagenix Whey Protein – The cleanest, best tasting and mixing whey protein I have used in my years of bodybuilding. You need protein every 3 hours, so get it in during your workout to feed your starving muscles.

Visit my Isagenix page to order these supplements and more (including protein soups for that savory craving – yum!):



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