Shoulder Blast in 15 Minutes

Shoulder workout

Bodybuilding in 15 minutes is possible when you combine exercises into giant sets.

This is a shoulder workout, so I am hitting shoulders, but I also want to hit a little bit of chest indirectly, by adding the overhead flye into this workout. (This type of indirect chest stimulation is an intentional strategy called the Double Up Method. Learn about the Double Up Method.)

Do the following exercises and sets with no stopping.

NOTE: Always warm up with a few light sets and stretching before starting your first set.

First Set: Heavy Dumbells (10 reps max)
1. Overhead dumbell flyes
2. One arm alternating dumbell laterals
3. Bent over dumbell flyes (rear delts)

Second Set: Medium Weight
Repeat the exercise sequence.

Third Set: Light Weight
Repeat the exercise sequence.

If you have time, rest for 2 minutes and go through again.



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