More bodybuilding photos to come!

(I have thousands!)


  • samuel cortez

    Reply Reply December 23, 2015

    Hello gary I remember reading about in natural bodybuilding mags.iam 44 was in great shape for years.5’4″ 180 20% bodyfat no abs.veggies or complex carbs Protein powders seem to make stomach bloated.

    • garygomeznet

      Reply Reply December 24, 2015

      Hi Samuel –

      Thanks for following.

      I’m currently 46, 5’6 and 150#.

      There are several things that help me stay in shape that may help you too.

      Some foods we eat can cause inflammation and prevent the efficient metabolization of calories.

      I eat mostly paleo (meats, proteins, fats, all gluten free, and very little grains). My carbs come from fruits, vegetables, yams and my meal shake.

      After your digestion is working better, you can add rice and gluten free oats.

      Additionally, I remain active and moving all the time. If you have a desk job, you need to make yourself get up and move a lot more often. See more of my active tips on my page.

      Looking forward to speaking with you.

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