Juicing-Weight-Loss2 Yes I love real food. I have never relied on supplements to replace real food. I love the health benefits of Juicing, but I have a busy lifestyle and the thought of buying batches of fruits and veggies and making a mess in my kitchen just doesn’t appeal to me. What DOES appeal to me is having my juicing done FOR me! The closest thing you can come to that is JuicePlus!

JuicePlus+ is real fruits and vegetables in Capsules and Chews.  Designed to fill in your diet with the nutrition you can’t fit in to your day. 

When compared to juicing, it may take about 2 pints of fresh juice using about 7 fruits and 8 veggies, to get the nutrient equivalent of Juice Plus+.   The point is not to give up your fruits and veggies completely.  Use JuicePlus+ to bridge the gap between what you’re eating and what you’re missing, to provide a daily supply of a wide variety of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

For example, I might have eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, a chicken sandwich at lunch, and steak and broccoli for dinner. But when I add in my gummy chews during the day, it’s like I had veggies at every meal.

I highly recommend the gummy chews. They are a tart and juicy treat that I love to have after dinner or right when I wake up.



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