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Fitness For the Busy Professional

  • Chapter 1: Office Exercises
  • Chapter 2: No Gym Workouts
  • Chapter 3: Alternative Activities
  • Chapter 4: Low Back Pain Exercises
  • Chapter 5: Eating on the Go

Bodypart Weight Training Schedules and Routines:

  • Chapter 1: Schedules to Fit Your Week
  • Chapter 2: Push/Pull Routine
  • Chapter 3: Double Up Strategy
  • Chapter 5: Upper/Lower Body Routines
  • Chapter 6: Full Body Workouts
  • Chapter 7: Workouts for Low Energy
  • Chapter 8: Fast and Furious Workouts (20 minutes or less)

General Eating for Fitness

  • Chapter 1: Meal Ideas
  • Chapter 2: Meal Schedules
  • Chapter 3: Eating for Consistent Energy
  • Chapter 3: Metabolic Snacks and Food Supplements

Healthy Weight Loss System

  • Chapter 1: Prepare your body for fat burning
  • Chapter 2: 30 day cleanse and weight loss basics
  • Chapter 3: Foods to eat and avoid
  • Chapter 4: Basic Meal ideas

The Bodybuilding Blueprint

  • Chapter 1: Gaining Muscle Basics
  • Chapter 2: Gaining Muscle Diet
  • Chapter 3: Gaining Muscle Weight Training
  • Chapter 4: Losing Fat Basics
  • Chapter 5: Losing Fat Diet
  • Chapter 6: Losing Fat Cardio and Exercise
  • Chapter 7: Cutting Water to peak for a show

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