Eating on the Go – Healthy Lunch and Fast Food


Make smart choices when you’re grabbing something to eat when you’re “out and about”.

If you’re having a lunch meeting, order chicken and skip the fries. Replace mashed potatoes with rice. Go to a sushi joint instead of Chinese (more grilled choices if you don’t like sushi). Always add a salad. No soda.

At a Mexican joint, fajitas are great. Get corn tortillas and skip the sour cream. Easy on the chips.

If you’re getting fast food, go with the smaller chains. Order chicken rather than a burger. Make sure you’re not ordering chicken that has been formed into a chicken square.

Sometimes I eat subs. I add extra meat and lots of veggies. Ask them to hollow out the center of the wheat bread to reduce the carbs you don’t need!

It’s also a good idea to grab a pack of nuts and an apple to have on hand in case you are stuck in traffic and starting to get hungry.

Eating on the go is easy when you know what healthy options are out there.

chicken-salad subway hollowed-breadalmonds

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