Easy Daily Meal Plan


Feeding your body enough and correctly is the top priority habit you must develop in order to achieve and maintain health.

Following is the simplest form of the plan I follow, which you can adapt easily and begin following yourself.

You’ll be amazed at the way you feel when you stay fueled like this.

It’s simple. Eat 5x/day, every 3 hours or so. 

Here is the easy daily meal plan I follow;

1. Protein/Meal shake
2. Small Protein snack
3. High protein lunch
4. Small protein snack
5. Protein and veggies dinner, no carbs


  • This is only a sample meal plan. There are obviously many more food choices to chose that will fit within this plan. Send me an Ask Gary question to find out more about a custom plan for you.


  1. Protein/Meal shake: Delicious, Easy to Consume and Convenient breakfast. Perfect for people short on time, in a hurry, or who don’t have a morning appetite. Fills you up and gets you ready to go! Provides important protein and moderate carbs to give you fuel for energy. Just what you will need to start your day.
  2. Small Protein snack: Although you may or may not not feel hungry after 3 hours, it’s time for your body to fuel again. Keeping things simple with a few nibbles of healthy fats, nut protein and low glycemic fruits, keeps your blood sugar levels (energy) stable, and maintains positive nitrogen balance, so your body does not consume muscle tissue for energy. This also keeps your metabolism working, so you will be more likely to burn fats for energy.
  3. High protein lunch: Protein is important at every meal. As you go about your day, you are breaking down muscle tissue from any activity you do. Even activity in your heart and organs. You need to repair them to keep them healthy. Have veggies with every food meal. Consume only 10-20% complex carbs (rice mostly) at lunch.
  4.  Small protein snack: For the same reasons as the first snack. In the afternoon most people begin to fade and feel like snacking. Make this one healthy so you maintain energy.
  5. Protein and veggies dinner, no carbs: You will have enough carbohydrates from the other meals in the day. Vegetables are a free food, meaning you can have as much as you want, provided they are prepared in a healthy way. (Fried onion rings DO NOT COUNT! LOL)
    Carbohydrates convert to glycogen for energy, and are stored in your cells as fuel. If you eat too many carbs for dinner, you won’t be using the fuel from your cells because you will be sleeping. So the extra glycogen will find fat cells to be stored in. That’s how fat grows on your body. 

What’s In It?

  1. IsaLean Pro Meal Shake (My Muscle Building Recipe for Men*)
    1 Scoop IsaPro Whey Protein
    1/2 water
    1/2 coconut milk
    1Tbsp Peanut Butter
    3 Stevia Packets
    1 tsp Coconut Oil
    Dash of Himalayan Sea Salt

    58g protein
    21g carbohydrates
    9g sugars
    8g fiber
    16g healthy saturated fats

    *The IsaLean Pro Shake alone contains 36g protein.
    Regular Isalean Shake contains 24g protein.

  2. Small Protein Snack: 
    Grapes and Almonds
    A little carbs, healthy fats and nut protein.
  3. High Protein Lunch:
    Chicken Salad on Rice
    Portions = 40% Protein, 40% Veggies, 20% Carbs
  4. Small Protein Snack:
    IsaLean Protein Bar
    18g Protein
    32g Carbs
    6g Healthy Fat
  5. Protein and Veggies Dinner, No Carbs:
    Almond Crusted Baked Chicken
    Grilled Zuchini and Onions
    Side Salad
    25-50g Protein (servings sizes vary)


1. IsaLean Pro Meal Shake – 36g protein – ORDER HERE
Isalean Meal Shake – 24g protein – ORDER HERE

2. IsaLean Bar – 18g protein – ORDER HERE


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