Workout Method: The Double Up


The double up method up is when you work the same muscle group twice in a week, or twice during your workout schedule. 

The first workout hits the muscle directly, via growth and strength stimulating exercises. The second workout hits the same muscle indirectly via compound joint exercises… but also directly; with light weights and body weight exercises.

This method effectively “doubles up” the amount of times you hit a body part in a week.

Why do this?

  1. Personally, I apply this method if for any reason I feel like I didn’t get the most from my primary workout, I will continue working on my body part in another workout in a few days.
  2. It helps improve muscle activation, definition, and mind-muscle connection.
  3. It can help with recovery from your primary workout, by flushing blood into the muscle with exercise.

When to not use this method. 

If your primary workout trashed your muscle to the point of tender painful soreness, just stretch and do light movements to help the recovery process.

How to Do it:

Don’t try to destroy your muscle in the Primary workout. Just focus on lifting heavy with good form. Don’t integrate pumping exercises or negative resistance. Just push weight.

In your double up workout, this is where you flexxxxx, use deliberate slow movements with light weight and contract the muscle. Lower the weight slowly. You would also integrate body weight exercises, plyometrics, and stabilization exercises. As well as, stimulation from compound movements. (Bench press will indirectly work the triceps) Stretching is also important on this day.

Sample Double Up Workout:

Primary Workout – Chest

  1. Incline dumbell press
  2. Dumbell flyes
  3. Machine Vertical Press
  4. Cable Crossover Flyes

Double Up Workout – Shoulders (2 days later)

  1. Dumbell Overhead Flyes: You can hit chest indirectly during dumbell overhead press by modifying the movement to be an overhead flye. Supinate your hands at the top position, so your palms face each other, and flex your upper chest.
  2. Push ups
  3. Handstand push ups (feet on wall)

The Result:

When your intention is to build muscle, follow the sample routine above (with chosen body part) for 4 weeks and track your progress.

You should notice better muscle control, more strength, more muscle density and definition.

Leave a comment and let me know how it’s going.

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