Chest+Shoulders+Back HIIT Workout

Workout Time: 30 minutes

Bodyparts Worked: Chest, Shoulders, Back

Type: Fat Burning, Cardio, Muscle Sculpting

This is a high intensity interval training workout designed to keep you moving and lifting weights throughout the duration of the workout time with very little rest. This type of workout boosts your metabolism to initiate fat burning for the next 24 hours.

The Workout:

  1. Warm up:
    1. Dive Bomber push-ups (10-to-1)
    2. Pullups
    3. (15-rep weight) Overhead Dumbbell Chest Press
    4. (same weight) Lateral Raises both arms
    5. (same weight) Lateral raises alternating arms
    6. (same weight) Bent Over Rear Delts
    7. Pullups
  2. Chest (repeat 3x):
    1. (12-rep weight) Incline Dumbbell Press
    2. (same weight) Overhead Dumbbell Chest Press
    3. Dive Bomber push-ups (1, up)
    4. Pullups
  3. Shoulders (repeat 3x):
    1. (12-rep weight) Overhead Dumbbell Chest Press
    2. (same weight) Lateral raises alternating arms
    3. (same weight) Bent Over Rear Delts
    4. Pullups
  4. Finish (3x):
    1. Cable Crossovers
    2. Dive Bomber push-ups (1, up)
    3. Cable Rear Delts
    4. Pullups




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