Chest+Shoulders+Back HIIT Workout

Workout Time: 30 minutes Bodyparts Worked: Chest, Shoulders, Back Type: Fat Burning, Cardio, Muscle Sculpting This is a high intensity interval training workout designed to keep you moving and lifting weights throughout the duration of the workout time with very little rest. This type of workout boosts your metabolism to initiate fat burning for the next…

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Jungle Gym Back Workout


Who wants to be sweating in a gym when you can release more endorphins from exercising in the sunshine! Running errands on a beautiful day, I was driving back home to get my workout on. But it was too nice outside to go back to a gym! So I found a little spot out in…

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Shoulder Blast in 15 Minutes

Shoulder workout

Bodybuilding in 15 minutes is possible when you combine exercises into giant sets. This is a shoulder workout, so I am hitting shoulders, but I also want to hit a little bit of chest indirectly, by adding the overhead flye into this workout. (This type of indirect chest stimulation is an intentional strategy called the…

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Accept a challenge, but prepare for the challenge.


Yah I knew I was probably going to get rocked working out again with my old school training buddies. It’s been years since I had a training partner, but it’s the best way to stay accountable and push increasingly heavier weights. I had considered pumping iron with them again, but it took some time for…

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Workout Method: The Double Up


The double up method up is when you work the same muscle group twice in a week, or twice during your workout schedule.  The first workout hits the muscle directly, via growth and strength stimulating exercises. The second workout hits the same muscle indirectly via compound joint exercises… but also directly; with light weights and…

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Hamstring Exercises – Work Out Anywhere


No equipment? No Problem. You can do these hamstring exercises anywhere by following the instructions in the video. Tight hamstrings, and weak hamstrings not only cause knee problems, but they can throw your hips into a tilted position and torque your back. That’s why desk people have sore backs. Strengthen your hamstrings but also stretch them.…

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Biking for Fitness


One of my favorite all time exercises Biking for fitness. I bike for pleasure and fitness nowadays. When I was younger, I’d do 3 hour mountain bike rides in the deserts of MOAB up and down treacherous terrain! That wasn’t for fitness back then, it was just to burn some adrenaline. One thing I always…

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Low Energy Back Workout

back workout

::VIDEO:: Gary Gomez Bodybuilding – Low Energy Back Workout Workouts for when you’re low on motivation or energy. I’m used to working out with weight, reps, sets… the typical workout you do in the gym. More often than not these days, I am short on time, motivation AND energy! But instead of skipping workouts, I…

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Warmup Workouts

VIDEO:: I’m used to working out with weight, reps, sets… the typical workout you do in the gym. But more often than not these days, I am short on time, motivation AND energy! So instead of skipping workouts, I do something different. This example shows how you can take your warmup sets and turn them into…

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