Eating on the Go – Healthy Lunch and Fast Food


Make smart choices when you’re grabbing something to eat when you’re “out and about”. If you’re having a lunch meeting, order chicken and skip the fries. Replace mashed potatoes with rice. Go to a sushi joint instead of Chinese (more grilled choices if you don’t like sushi). Always add a salad. No soda. At a…

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Easy Daily Meal Plan


Feeding your body enough and correctly is the top priority habit you must develop in order to achieve and maintain health. Following is the simplest form of the plan I follow, which you can adapt easily and begin following yourself. You’ll be amazed at the way you feel when you stay fueled like this. It’s simple.…

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Inflammation and The Paleo Diet


Inflammation in the body can be exacerbated from certain grains we eat, especially those containing gluten. We do not always notice how inflammation affects us, but it can restrict our organs, tissues and glands from functioning properly. We may end up with unexpected health issues such as weight gain and even infertility. Before man could process…

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5 Steps to Get Ripped Abs

free abs feature

What’s the easiest way to get ripped abs? Step 1. Eliminate these beliefs: – It’s too hard – I don’t have time – It’s too expensive – I can’t afford it – I don’t have the energy – I can’t stick to it – I don’t know how Saying these things means you are comfortable…

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Workout Drinks and Nutrition


In an upcoming video, I’ll discuss my quick fix for fueling your workouts when you almost missed it! This is typical in my busy life as I try to cram in all of my responsibilities. Instead of blowing off my workout because it got too late and I should be eating, I simply consume pre-workout…

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