Biking for Fitness


One of my favorite all time exercises Biking for fitness.

I bike for pleasure and fitness nowadays. When I was younger, I’d do 3 hour mountain bike rides in the deserts of MOAB up and down treacherous terrain! That wasn’t for fitness back then, it was just to burn some adrenaline.

One thing I always noticed after an intense trip like that, is how I always came back ripped! 3 days of intense cardio boosted my metabolism into the stratosphere.

But in a busy life, you are constantly pumping out adrenaline while keeping up with schedules, obligations, deadlines, bills, work and stress. The last thing your body needs is something so intense that you can’t function afterwards.

Moderation is key. So when I DO go for a ride, (road or mountain), I get up and KILL it on the hill climbs, and then BOOK it on the downhills, just because it’s fun. But if you feel your head about to explode, back off. You’re not going to do your adrenals any favors by pushing that hard when you’re over 40.

Keep fitness fun, and you’ll manage to have more activities in your life that you enjoy, and that also help improve your fitness levels.

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