Hamstring Exercises – Work Out Anywhere


No equipment? No Problem. You can do these hamstring exercises anywhere by following the instructions in the video. Tight hamstrings, and weak hamstrings not only cause knee problems, but they can throw your hips into a tilted position and torque your back. That’s why desk people have sore backs. Strengthen your hamstrings but also stretch them.…

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Inflammation and The Paleo Diet


Inflammation in the body can be exacerbated from certain grains we eat, especially those containing gluten. We do not always notice how inflammation affects us, but it can restrict our organs, tissues and glands from functioning properly. We may end up with unexpected health issues such as weight gain and even infertility. Before man could process…

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Biking for Fitness


One of my favorite all time exercises Biking for fitness. I bike for pleasure and fitness nowadays. When I was younger, I’d do 3 hour mountain bike rides in the deserts of MOAB up and down treacherous terrain! That wasn’t for fitness back then, it was just to burn some adrenaline. One thing I always…

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5 Steps to Get Ripped Abs

free abs feature

What’s the easiest way to get ripped abs? Step 1. Eliminate these beliefs: – It’s too hard – I don’t have time – It’s too expensive – I can’t afford it – I don’t have the energy – I can’t stick to it – I don’t know how Saying these things means you are comfortable…

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Steps for Building an I-DEAL Life of Financial Liberation

From Tim Ferriss’s Blog: http://fourhourworkweek.com/introduction/ The manifesto of the dealmaker is simple: Reality is negotiable. Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or broken, and it doesn’t require being unethical. The DEAL of deal making is also an acronym for the process of becoming a member of the New Rich. The steps…

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You Will Never Lose

Shit gets real in life. I get it. Don’t be fooled by the leaders you see and think their life is free of challenges. So here I am, Mr. Empowerment, putting it out there for you. I get overwhelmed too. I did today. But do I lose hope or motivation? Never. You must believe in…

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Practice Happiness to Attract Abundance

If you find yourself saying: “I’ll feel better, or happy, when this is done… or when this is over.. or when I have more time to relax… or when I find love… or when I have more money… If that’s your excuse, you’re going to find yourself at 96 years old with nothing on your…

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There is Always a Way

“There is always a way. When things look like there is no way, there is a way. To do the impossible, to survive the un-survivable, THERE IS A WAY. And you and I have this in common, WE ARE INSPIRED In the face of the impossible, we are inspired. Today, if you become frightened, instead,…

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Visualize to Attract Your Goals

What you have currently is a result of what you have been thinking. Focus on your goals not your current situation. Accept challenges as steps towards your goal. Believe you will make it through them and continue on your path to greatness…

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Precaution vs Paranoia

I have a theory that we become what we think. I have seen so many people living in fear that they won’t, can’t, shouldn’t… or else! Inversely, there are people who overly prepare, precaution, validate… and worry, avoid and condemn so many things from their lives, driven by the fear of a worse case scenario…

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