Accept a challenge, but prepare for the challenge.


Yah I knew I was probably going to get rocked working out again with my old school training buddies.

It’s been years since I had a training partner, but it’s the best way to stay accountable and push increasingly heavier weights.

I had considered pumping iron with them again, but it took some time for me to actually get my body to a point that I felt it could handle the high volume workout. So I prepared…

I planned ahead, and started lifting heavier weights on my own, as well as going into the “Burn Zone”, and staying there longer, to condition my muscles for the workouts I remembered.

I incorporated more drop sets: do your first heavy set to failure, then lower the weight and rep out to failure again. When you feel the burn, keep going until you can no longer keep good form. (Without a training partner, this is how you push yourself into making gains.)

One week before the actual training day (arms), I trained arms in this manner and really pushed myself. I had to stretch my sore arms all week to speed recovery. Then two days before the training day, I applied a double up strategy when I worked back and chest. I made a conscious effort to include my arms in the lifting. Finally, I took the day off before training day.

Before and during our workout, I continued to stretch out my shoulders and arms. Shoulders are going to take a lot of torque during arms, so make sure they’re loose and warmed up too.

Also during my my workout, I drank a recovery drink with electrolytes, protein, simple carbs and creatine.

Yes we destroyed arms. We did a higher volume of sets and reps than I was doing on my own, but I expected as much. I made sure I didn’t lose proper form no matter how much I felt I needed to “keep up”.

I had a snack immediately after the workout, and my metabolic meal shake an hour later.

I also massaged and stretched that night and the next day.

One final step I took to bounce through the recovery without getting laid up with pain, is I took Homeopathic Arnica tablets under the tongue every 4 hours. It’s good for muscle soreness and bruising. I think it really helped.

Bottom line is, I’m sore today. Maybe more tomorrow, but with these measures I believe I avoided nauseating muscle soreness and injury!


The workout:
Lying dumbell hammer press
Rope press downs
Machine tricep preacher press

Preacher curls
Set 1 – full reps
Set 2 – lower, upper, full reps
Set 3 – half reps/full reps
Standing alt dumbell curls
Set 2/3 drop set to hammer curls
Standing curl bar curls

Finish with seated overhead tricep press with curl bar

Forearms – stick roll ups (weight on a rope)



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