I am 45 at the launch of this blog. That's such a relative number.

When I was 18, and really into the swing of bodybuilding, I remember thinking of 45 as the master's division. The old guys.

But now, I still look ahead and think; "Hmm. I guess 70 and above is the old guys. because I sure don't feel old."

Granted, I'm not bouncing off the walls like I was in my teens and 20's. But I still love to run up and down stairs, run up the hills when hiking, climb rocks, jump up on to things, pick things up over my head, do handstands, push ups, etc... And I still love to snowboard, wakeboard, mountain bike and road bike... I just go about it with a lot more caution and common sense.

I was always meant to use my body and be an athlete. As a young child, I could just feel it.  Although I was an average sized kid, I was always the fastest. I knew how to make my body do things instinctively. I would always win the rope climb event at Field Day, and anything that involved strength. My dad helped me find my way to playing football and wrestling, and I was pretty good at both.

In Junior High School, I was starting to fall behind in size as the other kids were growing taller and stronger. It was my football coach who recommended that I start lifting weights to gain weight for the next season. Although I was fast, I was pretty skinny.

Again, my body responded. I had my dad's lean muscle genetics, and lifting weights in the school gym brought about some noticeable muscle definition at the age of 14. My dad was super supportive, and bought a gym membership for me. People started to notice my muscularity, mostly people in my school, and would tell me I should do a bodybuilding show.

At some point I think I shared this news with my oldest sister Eileen, and she decided to buy 2 tickets to an upcoming local competition. I was 14, and I remember watching the show in awe. Partly because there were definitely some impressive dudes competing, but more because I felt I knew, so truly, what I had to do. I knew I was supposed to be up there. Winning.

And so, bitten was I by the bug of bodybuilding.

I succeeded in bodybuilding because it was who I am, and I just tapped into it. I knew what I had to learn, and I knew I had to apply it. Everything that went into making me a World Champion bodybuilder, was driven by the passion I felt to reach my full potential, or come very close. I was always my own biggest competition.

9 years and 14 competitions later, I had learned to treat bodybuilding as a business. Everything had a purpose, and a daily task plan. But I was at a crossroads. Do I keep competing and committing to this lifestyle of building muscle and dieting? Or do I stop to look around and see what else I might be missing? And so I looked around, and I realized I wanted to move on and explore things in my life before it got to be too late.

I was never able to play sports the way I wanted to, out of fear of injury or burning calories. I was missing out on partying as a young adult, and enjoying food whenever I wanted. So, I decided to see what it's like to live a little more loosely.

Yes I partied, but I mostly turned my energies towards sports. And I loved playing and having fun. I loved taking my body to other levels besides just muscle building. And, I still pumped iron. It was a fun time.

Gradually, I began to let go of my muscle dysmorphia, and started to enjoy being the size of normal people, but still having a fit bod. That's exactly what I enjoy about fitness today.

Being 45 to a lot of people I know means jobs, hours at the computer, errands, responsibilities, stress, social drinking and eating, and putting fitness last.

And I was one of those people.

As a professional mural artist, I'm working physically all day, and I would come home tired, to administrative tasks, and household necessities, and at some point I just stopped making time for lifting weights.

It wasn't until I started educating myself in marketing and business mindset, that I realized I was just making excuses. If you want to accomplish anything, you make the time for everything it takes. And then you work on it until it sticks.

My heart was missing the weights, but as it turns out, my body doesn't really care. I decided once again that I am not going to miss out on having fitness in my life. Instead of missing workouts because I can't make time for the gym, I decided to make my body become my gym.

I began doing body weight workouts, and I started finding 15 minutes in every busy day. Sometimes 30 minutes on busy days. When days were literally too busy to workout, I was running everywhere I went. Doing pushups in the morning and abs every night. And on days off? I'd enjoy my time with weights again.

Nutrition was always a constant. In fact, it really improved dramatically when my wife began pursuing Chinese and Integrated medicine. Most of the advanced things I know about blood sugar, gluten, inflammation, and carbs, I've learned through her. They have been ingrained in my brain through practical application and lifestyle. I never let my eating habits slide because I have an accountability partner. We eat for health together.

And now here I am, a business owner, consultant and internet entrepreneur. And I have hundreds of friends from all over the world that I know are working too much, and practicing health and fitness too little.

My purpose is to help the busy executive, the busy entrepreneur, the busy mom/dad, the busy contractor, and the busy employee, with guidance and tips that can help make exercise, healthy eating, and feeling great, a natural part of your lifestyle.

For those who want to reignite their health, and experience more energy, fitness, strength and confidence, you are my purpose.

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Your accountability partner,

Gary Gomez

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